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Would you lay with me...

...and just forget the world

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Otherwise, don't comment to be added.

, 1980s, 80s music, aerosmith, all american rejects, america's next top model, animal rights, apoptygma berzerk, art, au revoir simone, audrey hepburn, blacklight reactive/neon things, books, bowling for columbine, brokeback mountain, cats, coffee, concerts, conte pencils, csi: crime scene investigation, d.h.t., daft punk, dance, dance clubs, dance dance revolution, dancing, daria, darude, degrassi: the next generation, depeche mode, echo image, electronic, electronica, ellen degeneres, evanescence, family guy, fashion, fire, fishnets, frank sinatra, freezepop, friends, futurama, gay marriage, gay rights, germany, goldfrapp, good charlotte, haight-ashbury, heath ledger, house, human rights, icelandic, ilife, ipod, irony, jake gyllenhaal, knee high boots, less than jake, literature, love, macbook, mike's hard lemonade, mindless self indulgence, mini skirts, models, music, my first mister, oldies, oomph!, orgy, otter smashes, p!nk, photography, plain white t's, poetry, pride, princess mononoke, procrastination, psychology, raves, roses, running around mindlessly, san fransisco, scissor sisters, self expression, shiny toy guns, sigur rós, simon & garfunkel, singing in the shower, sketching, sleeping, snuggling, spice girls, stevie wonder, striped stockings, stuffed animals, sylvia plath, techno, the beatles, the bell jar, the breakfast club, the dark knight, the l word, the last unicorn, the nightmare before christmas, the venture brothers, theater, titanic, trance, unusal hair, very first kisses, vh1, will and grace, writing